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Zara Dent

Dentist in Zadar, Croatia

Zara Dent is a modern dental office opened in 2016 in Zadar, lead by Dent. Andrea Berović Kačan, spec. Stom.Prosthetics. Zara Dent offers all kinds of dental services with special emphasis on dental prosthetics, implantology and aesthetic dentistry.

As a Andrea Berović Kačan has gained many years of experience in dental prosthetics and 15 years of work at the prosthodontic dental clinic "Nika" in Zadar, where she has pointed out as an expert in dental prosthetics, implantology and aesthetic dentistry.

With the opening of a new, modernly equipped office, together with the dental laboratory in the same building, our goal is to provide our patients an improved and high quality treatment. Direct communication with the dental laboratory enables close collaboration between a dentist, a patient and a technician which results in high quality service and mutual satisfaction.

The individual approach, the use of modern procedures, technologies and the highest quality materials is the way to provide the patient the best of what dental medicine offers today. By doing so, we strive to make every patient feel relaxed and safe knowing that the best dental treatment is provided. Zara Dent is the place where you will receive the highest quality dental service that is costumed to you, your dental condition, your wishes and the time available. The ultimate goal is a mutual satisfaction with the final results and permanent solutions of any dental problem.

Our staff will ensure that the time spent at Zara Dent is the best investment for your oral health!


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