Dental veneers
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Dental veneers

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Veneers are highly aesthetic product in the form of thin ceramic flakes that are glued to the prepared surface of the tooth. They are one of the more common procedures in aesthetic dentistry because the extraordinary results, excellent aesthetics and naturalness are achieved by them. Their advantage is in minimally invasive process, i.e. minimal tooth grinding is necessary, gentle for gums and durable. Since they are made of ceramic, their surface is stable; they do not wear out and do not change the color. They are made with precision computer CAD-CAM technology.


Veneers can fix different irregularities that ruin the smile, such as:

  • distance between the teeth (diastema)
  • to make small and tiny teeth bigger
  • to correct minor irregularities in the position and shape of the tooth
  • to correct surface irregularities on the teeth, damages, cracks, old unkempt and darkened fillings
  • darkened teeth that cannot be fixed by whitening alone
  • with veneers the fullness and beauty of the smile is effectively achieved



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