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Teeth whitening

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White teeth are the best fashion accessory and a sign of good health. Very often our teeth are darker than they should be due to the consumption of various foods and beverages, drugs, developmental irregularities or simply because of the aging of the dental tissue at which the teeth color changes. With a simple and safe whitening procedure we can achieve a couple of shades of brighter teeth and restore their freshness.

Philips Zoom! White Speed professional system for teeth whitening is a unique teeth whitening system that uses LED light technology.

Philips Zoom lamp activates whitening gel that penetrates micropores in tooth enamel and breaks down the molecular bonds making up stains on and in your teeth.

Numerous studies showed that the gel is activated very quickly and leaves tooth structure undamaged while achieving excellent results in a short period of time.

Whitening procedure is fast, after only 45 minutes at the dental office your teeth are several shades whiter:

  • long-lasting and excellent results
  • simple and safe procedure
  • minimal tooth sensitivity after the procedure
  • whitening intensity can be adjusted according to patient’s wishes (stronger, weaker)


Whitening of the devitalized tooth, so called ENDO whitening

The method by which a devitalized tooth is bleached (the one to which the dental nerve is removed).Such teeth are often darker in color and disturb the harmony of the dental string. The gel penetrates in the tooth chamber and changes the color of the tooth from the inside.


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