Zirconia crowns
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Zirconia crowns

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In cases when veneers are not the option, the crowns are made. Those are ceramic substitutes that completely cover the grated tooth and imitate the appearance of natural one. If the tooth crown is heavily damaged by caries or fractures, or if it has a lot of fillings, if the tooth is treated or has a root upgrade, it is necessary to provide the tooth with crown.

Today there are many types of highly aesthetic non-metallic ceramics that faithfully mimic the appearance, transparency and translucency of the natural tooth and fit smoothly into the dental string. The type of chosen ceramics is based on the indication and the desired result. They are biocompatible and in these materials there is no blue or gray coloration of the gums or reflection of the crown edge.

They are also made with precision CAD-CAM technology and perfectly adhere to the grated tooth.



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