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Dental prosthetics is a branch of stomatology that deals with replacing smaller or bigger number of lost teeth as well as complex oral rehabilitation. In case of loosing large number of teeth, many disorders in the position of remaining teeth happen over time. It causes the lost of the correct vertical and horizontal relationship of the jaw, a stable and secure bite and the remaining teeth are tilted, flowing, traveling. The consequences are: shortening of the lower third of the face, the chin wrist changes its position, orthopedic instability occurs as well as joint and musculoskeletal pain, impaired chewing and general dysfunction of the dental system.

Prosthetic rehabilitation aims to preserve or restore the optimal function of the chewing system. Today it is inseparable from aesthetic dentistry because all prosthetic supplements, apart from functionality, are aimed at improving the patient's appearance.


Dental prosthetics includes:

  • fixed crowns and bridges
  • partial acryl and metal dentures
  • so called combined work, i.e. fixed bridges or crowns to which partial dentures are fixed by connectors that enable an "invisible" denture joint connection
  • cover prostheses placed on a pair of remaining teeth or roots (telescopes, bars, locators, root caps, etc.)
  • crowns and bridges on implants


Prosthetic therapy is planned individually depending on the clinical condition of the patient, and the materials and procedures are selected depending on the patient's situation and needs. When choosing therapy, we always try to suggest the optimal solution that will work for many years, and certainly provide a satisfying aesthetics. The expertise and experience of our therapists and the immediate proximity of tooth labs are the guarantee of the quality of our works.


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