General and conservative stomatology
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General and conservative stomatology

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It covers all procedures that prevent the diseases of the hard and soft tissue of the oral cavity. Regular check-ups are very important for the dentist to detect initial pathological changes in time and, by using a few simple procedures, restore oral health.


Preventive measures for children include:

  • fluoridation and remineralisation of hard dental tissue with special varnishes and gels
  • fissure sealing of newly- developed permanent teeth


Adult prevention procedures include:

  • guidance on effective and proper oral hygiene
  • removal of hard and soft dental deposits, sandblasting and polishing
  • fluoridation, etc.


Aesthetic charges (fillings)

This is the most common dentistry procedure that compensates for the lost part of the hard dental tissue that was destroyed by caries, breakage or wear. We use high-quality composite and fiber reinforced materials to achieve mechanical and aesthetic restoration of tooth tissue. Fillers are modeled and look like natural teeth, and the work is done on the principle of minimally invasive dentistry.


Endodontion (root canal treatment)

When the caries destroy most of the crown of the teeth and bacteria infect the dental nerve, i.e. the pulp, it is necessary to remove the diseased tissue from the root canal. If it is not removed, pathological processes occur around the root and the jaw bone, and bacterial toxins from the environments of the tooth can also act on distant organs such as the heart, kidneys, joints, and so on.

It is very important to thoroughly remove the infected pulp and fill the duct properly because the tooth survival depends on this procedure. This is a demanding microsurgical operation that works in very small and eye invisible spaces and requires precision and skills. In ZARA DENT we use mechanical and manual techniques. Mechanical technique is performed with the latest generation of Reciproc Gold, which uses the so-called reciproc technique for cleaning and spreading root canals. The technique is gentle and effective; it is fast and allows treatment in one or two visits.

After quality endodontic treatment, the tooth should be supplied with filling, upgrading and often with crown.


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