Therapy with splints
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Therapy with splints

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In the case of various symptoms occurring due to displacement of the jaw wrist, such as headache, joint wound, muscle and wrist pain, ear aches, tinnitus, dizziness and similar, therapy with splints is indicated. Those dysfunctions occur due to various causes, mostly because the teeth loss and supporting chewing zones or inadequate reconstruction, e.g. too low or too high crowns or so called wrong bite. Often, the disturbances are caused by stress, trauma, night squeezing and teeth compression.

Possible therapies include splint therapy, physiotherapy and often prosthetic reconstruction in proper intemaxillary relationships after thorough diagnosis and preparation.

The splint is usually made on the upper jaw. It ensures contact of all teeth in proper bite, i.e. has dotted contacts reduced to 0.5 mm. It allows eyetooth guidance only, where lateral teeth and incisors are in laterotrusion as well as in protrusion outside of occlusal contact.


It is indicated for:

  • eliminating occlusal parafunctions, bruxism, squeezing, crunching
  • in the therapy of musculoskeletal and temporomandibular problems
  • at squeezing the jaw joint


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