Dental implant aftercare

Dental implant aftercare

Zara Dent dentist in Zadar, Croatia

For long-term prosthetic work on implants as well as for the survival of the implant itself in the mouth, it is of utmost importance to keep proper and regular maintenance of oral hygiene as well as regular check-ups.

We provide a guarantee for each implant and prosthetic work, but it is only valid if the patient adheres to the regular prescribed check-ups and maintains the oral hygiene according to the plan and instructions given at the clinic.


Proper hygiene usually implies:

  • regular tooth brushing in the morning and in the evening
  • use of various hygienic aids such as various interdentally brushes, dental floss, oral showers, gels and mouthwashes (each patient receives instructions depending on his / her needs and type of prosthetic work)
  • regular check reviews at least twice a year, and latter at least once a year
  • professional cleaning of prosthetic work and implants at checkups
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