Dental implants

Dental implants

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The implant is a replacement for the extracted tooth root. It can be installed in both jaws at the point where the tooth is missing. It serves as a tooth crown holder. A crown can be placed on it when it is necessary to replace one tooth, or two or more implants are embedded in order to place a bridge on them to compensate for more lost teeth. The implant is made of titanium which is biocompatible material so the organism fully accepts it and does not cause allergic reactions.

Today there is a whole range of prosthetic solutions to compensate lost teeth with implants, so implantology has greatly improved oral health and rehabilitation.

Implant therapy gives the patient back to the safety and effectiveness of chewing, feeling like natural teeth, with high quality aesthetics since today the most challenging aesthetic situations can be successfully resolved by implants.


The advantages of the implants:

  • replacement of the lost tooth without the need for grinding other teeth that would otherwise have to be used as bridge holders
  • preventing the resorption or decay of the jawbone at the point where the tooth is removed
  • possibility of replacing one, more or all teeth in jaws (whole range of prosthetic solutions)
  • an excellent solution for fixing dentures; their anchoring with implants ensures stability and naturalness in function
  • raising the quality of life by returning the functionality of the chewing system, self-confidence in communication and completely natural feeling as if the implants are a natural part of the body
  • high quality smile aesthetics enabled by using individualized carriers and crowns made of nonmetallic ceramics with precision computer CAD-CAM technology
  • because of all of the above, they are called "the third teeth"


Examples of possible treatments with dental implant prosthetics

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