Implant placement

Implant placement

Zara Dent dentist in Zadar, Croatia

The procedure is fast and painless, done under local anesthesia and sterile conditions after careful and detailed patient preparation and planning of the procedure. The titanium screw is installed in the chosen place and left to bend with the bone. This process is called the osseointegration. The period required for osseointegration is 3 to 6 months, depending on the complexity of the procedure and the condition of the jawbone. Sometimes the additional procedures such as augmentation of the bone (adding a missing bone, sinus lift, etc.) are needed to get the best results.


Implant prosthetic therapy is very complex. Detailed planning of position, type, width and length of implants is of great importance for the success of therapy and the effectiveness of prosthetic replacement. A thorough review, RTG footage and CBCT three-dimensional footage as well as a good collaboration between the therapist and the patient are required. Equally important are the therapist's skills that need to know in advance which and what kind of prosthetic substitutes can be made in a given situation, as well as to evaluate the optimum number and position of implants in an individual case. Also, the implant systems used are very important, which are numerous today, but are not of equal high quality and do not have the same possibilities of diverse prosthetic solutions and durability. In other words, experience and precision of the therapist and the use of safe and quality implants and materials are of great importance for long-term prosthetic work.


In ZARA DENT we pay special attention to the detailed implant placement planning and the planning of optimal prosthetic work with individual access to each case in order to get a long lasting and high quality implantoprosthetic solution for our patients.

We use established and high quality brand names that provide us with a variety of prosthetic solutions and have been proven in practice for 30 years to exist on the market as one of the best quality implantable systems.


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