Zara Dent dentist in Zadar, Croatia

We use the latest technologies to provide a high standard of dental services: Dental RTG/RVG, Vatech EzSenzor and ESX, stom. Units OMS Universal Top, KaVo Septic Instruments, Surgical Aspirator Cattani, LCD 19 Medical Monitor, Faro 742500 Autoclav B, Frios Si Dentsply Friadent Surgical Phenographic Implants for Implantology, Ostell ISQ Implant Stability Gauge, Artex CR Articulator, Optical Lupe Orascoptic.. etc.


CAD/CAM technology is an abbreviation for Computer Aided Design, i.e. computer design/computer-assisted production.

It has been in use for many years in various branches of industry where high precision is required, and today it is used in dentistry for the manufacture of prosthetic substitutes (scales, inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, individualized abutments in implantoprosthetics ...).

CAD/CAM technology enables high precision and individualization of prosthetic replacement and short production time.



  • precision of performance and a perfect fit for the toothbrush to minimize the possibility of caries and disease caused by the penetration of bacteria into the interstitial between the tooth and the prosthetic replacement
  • possibility to visualize the final appearance of the tooth
  • naturalness
  • speed of production

The CAD/CAM system is the product of prominent company SIRONA DENTSPLY.


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